Here is where you will find my additions to the world of ETX.  Some are wholly my own and others are "borrowed" but are worth repeating.  As always, click on the thumbnail to view the large size image.


Using Dual Skirted Eyepieces

 I have a number of eyepieces that have both 1 1/4" and 2" barrels. The problem is the 2" skirt hits the rear cell housing of the scope, at least on my ETX125.

Skirt of Meade 8.8mm eyepiece hitting cell    Here we see how the 2" barrel hits the rear cell.  Also note the eyepiece is NOT seated completely in the eyepiece tube.  This is my biggest concern when using these eyepieces.

Skirt of Meade 8.8 now clears the cell With the Lumicon 1 1/4" extension tube the eyepiece is firmly seated in the eyepiece tube and the 2" skirt does not hit the rear cell.

Meade 8.8 UWA shown with adapter Here's a  shot of the eyepiece and the adapter tube (Lumicon # LVP-AD005, $19.95).


Focuser Extension

I made a flexible extension for the focus knob, a much needed accessory!

Mine has one critical drawback, the knob is heavy enough and large enough that it could catch on something and stop the RA drive when it is slewing.  This almost happened to me when I had the scope on the pier/wedge in the driveway.  The cable dropped into the slot at the top of the wedge used to mount the LX50-SD and I noticed just in time to prevent certain destruction of the RA drive.  Mine is made from a piece of automotive speedometer cable covered with white heat shrink tubing.  Turned aluminum end were made on the lathe.


New Finder Assembly

Well the POS Meade right angle finder finally bit the dust.  I have had it come apart so many times that it is now unrepairable!  I bought the new Orion EZ Finder Deluxe (p/n 07227) and constructed a dovetail mounting to allow it to fit thETX125.



Finder on the new bracket.


Finder and home brew bracket.

The final results!  I have found the finder is not too much of an annoyance while observing but it is easily removed after alignment.  You shouldn't need it after alignment anyways, right?  A nicer attaching knob is in the works.....




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