Drilling Template for DEC Shield

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Drilling Template for DEC Shield

Save this image to your drive and using a bitmap image editor print the drawing to full scale.

Make sure the scale on the drawing is actually 1" long, this is very important!

The printout can be used as is or glued to or printed on a piece of  cardstock.

Examine your fork arms carefully for placement of the holes.  This  template has only been used on two LX50's, they both were the same and came out fine.  You are responsible for verifying the accuracy of this drawing and it's application.

See disclaimer for further details.

I have since determined that 1/4" acrylic (eg Plexiglass) is better than aluminum.  If constructed entirely of aluminum you will have to add a 1 lb weight to the other fork arm!

Both templates are available for download as zipped files


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