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MLA Table

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Finished Table

The finished table after powder coating.  I am using Columbia Coating's Teal High Gloss powder which is some of the best I have ever used.

Setup to turn the table

Here is the setup I used (as suggested by the MLA instructions) to turn the table.  Carefully marking the center of the casting I drilled and tapped a 5/16 hole and held the part against the faceplate with a piece of ready rod.  The blocks stood the part off enough to clear the mounting bosses on the underside of the table.  The part was reversed on the faceplate to trim the underside of the rim.

Table backside

The threaded hole is visible in this view.  This gets drilled out to 3/8" and this side of the hole is chamfered to 60°


Bosses machined

Here the bosses have been machined and the 60° chamfer has been added.  1/16 of the original hole has been left and can be seen at the bottom of the chamfer.


Table SUpports II

Construction of the two table support arms.  These will be tumbled and oiled for a finish.  They are made from 1/2 x 3/4 CRS, 4" long.  Drilled and countersunk for the 3/8-16 Allen head bolts.  In this view I have drilled and countersunk both arms and have to radius the remaining end.

Table Supports

Radiusing the ends of the arms.  Easier if done in pairs.  Bolt is to keep the two registered to each other when removed from the vice to flip end for end.