Beevo Paddle Mark II

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The hand controller is progressing along two fronts, a wired and a wireless version.

Here's the skinny so far on the wireless components.  I have found a nice, inexpensive, small (emphasis on small) and simple wireless setup to interconnect the controller and the computer.

The transmitter (smaller board) and receiver are not what you would call large, but the range is supposed to be 100 meters or more when the transmitter is powered at 12VDC.  I am going to power it at 5VDC but the range should still be 30 meters or so.  Excuse the fuzzy image and yes that is a Nickel in the shot.

The completed receiver assembly, board is just under 2" square.  Output is RS232 @ 4800bps. This unit connects to the computer's serial port.

A simple 5 button (RA+, RA-, DEC+, DEC-, STOP-SLEW) controller is planned and will be about 1.5" square and .75" thick.  This will be in addition to the full featured controlled being planned.  The controller will initially only talk to the EQMOD but eventually will command any ASCOM compliant telescope.

Update 12/22/2007

Here's the progress so far....