Battery Box

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I have only run the LX50 on the internal battery pack 3 times, each when I forgot a cord or the garden tractor battery I was using wasn't charged.

I decided to switch to a deep cycle marine battery as a power source.  I selected a dual purpose Starting/Deep Cycle type battery.  This type of battery has the advantages of a deep cycle battery and is capable of being used like a conventional car battery when needed.

I enclosed the battery in a HDPB box that has a power distribution panel and storage for all the LX50 cords.

Interior shot during box construction.  the oak frame is removable for battery access and supports the interior panels.

A Radio Shack 3 outlet cigarette lighter outlet adapter is fastened to the lid of the box.  When the lid is closed fully it shuts off the main switch.
Charging contacts were built into the side of the box to allow for charging without need for battery access. One temporary charging bolt is shown installed into the socket in the box wall.

  Also shown is the "filled" box.  All the cords (and emergency spares) fit in the compartment.