DEC AXIS Disassembly

Put the equatorial head on the tripod or on some other secure spot, you do not want to be chasing the mounting around the bench or have it fall over or worse yet on the floor!

You can start here, though it is not required to take this off to disassemble the mounting for regreasing. Using a 2.5mm Allen wrench, remove the 3 setscrews.

Remove the three Allen set screws that lock the  threaded lower DEC bearing adjustment into place.  Use a 2.5mm Allen wrench.

Turn the mount so the DEC axis is horizontal.  Then unscrew the bearing cap and slide the cap & counterweight shaft assembly from the mounting.  If for some reason the cap can not be turned, wrap a sock (clean) or rag around the cap and turn with a pair of Channel Lock pliers

You will now be looking at the lower DEC bearing.  If it has never been taken apart you will likely see little or no grease in the bearing.  This is likely the reason you are contemplating taking the mount apart in the first place!  Wiggle the shaft and the bearing should pop out into your hand.  If not, turn the mounting towards the normal upright position and catch it when it comes out.

Turn the mounting so it is in its normally upright position.  If you forgot to remove the bearing in the previous step you likely will have found that it fell out when you rotated the mounting.  Then remove the upper worm adjustment screw. Use a 2mm Allen wrench.

Then remove the lower DEC worm adjustment setscrew with the 2mm Allen wrench.  Loosen and then remove the 4 Allen socket cap screws that hold the housing into place with a 5mm Allen wrench.

With a slight wiggle and a lift, the assembly should come out of the housing.  There is a chance the upper shaft bearing will come out with the assembly, it has not in this view.

The upper shaft bearing should remain in the housing as it has in this view.  There should be a thin plastic shim washer between this bearing and the exposed DEC worm wheel gear bearing, not shown in either view.  The shim between the DEC shaft bearing (seen in this view) and the worm wheel bearing (previous view) is what controls the centering of the worm on the worm wheel.

Here is what you should see looking into the bottom of the DEC housing with the shaft assembly removed.

Here we have removed the worm wheel.  The first step is to remove the clutch lock lever and the clutch pad.  Make sure the pad is removed before trying to remove the worm wheel.  The worm wheel and bearings should slide up the shaft with very slight wiggling and tapping with a soft piece of wood.  Not shown in this view is another plastic spacer shim that goes between the worm wheel and the housing shown in this picture.

Here you can see the lower worm wheel bearing partially removed from the brass worm wheel.  The bearings should come out of the worm wheel with little or no force required.

Here are the two bearings with the rubberized shields removed. Note the lack of grease.....

Copyright 1997-2012 by Bill VanOrden