OTA Case

 The OTA now resides in this trunk.  I had considered a soft case duffle such as one sold by Orion but that didn't afford enough protection AND it was a bunch more expensive.  2006

Note: when I purchased the Celestron 11" OTA I elected to go with the Orion duffle case, the only downside is you can not drop or bang it hard.  I prefer the duffle.  2009

The box was constructed of 1/2" MDF with 3/4" square stiffeners in the corners and a 1/2" Baltic Birch plywood top.  If I had it to do over again I would have used 1/2 Baltic Birch for the entire case instead of the MDF/plywood combo.  I had a sheet of MDF around so I used that.  1/2" lumber was used to keep the weight down.  The empty case weighs 27.9 lbs.



Test fit of the OTA in the case.


Detail showing the stiffeners in the corners and the insert to support the OTA.  The three pads were moveable pads used during the construction process.  When completed continuous strips of carpeting were installed.


The blocks on the lid have pieces of carpet attached, the green tape was there for the gluing process and was removed before use.


The scope rests in the supports at each end of the OTA.  The mirror cell is supported on the smaller diameter section.  The corrector is supported just behind the cover.