RA Axis Dis-Assembly

RA Axis is nearly identical to the DEC in construction.

Step one is to remove the Polar Alignment Scope.  It just unthreads.....

Using a #1 phillips screwdriver, remove the trim ring with pointer.  3 screws.

Using a 2.5mm Allen wrench remove the 4 RA Bearing Collar lock screws.  The collar will then unscrew.  If it is too tight, wrap a sock (clean) or rag around the collar and loosen with a pair of Channel Lock pliers. At this point the lower RA bearing can be removed.

Using a 2.5mm Allen wrench, remove the RA worm adjustment screw (upper).  Using a 5mm Allen Wrench remove the two RA worm housing Allen socket head bolts.

From the bottom of the RA housing repeat the previous step, removing the worm adjustment setscrew and 2 RA worm housing Allen socket head bolts.

The DEC housing / RA worm housing / RA shaft assembly can then be removed as a unit.

Copyright 1997-2012 by Bill VanOrden