I purchased a full-aperture solar filter from Orion Telescopes.  This is a glass and aluminum filter that produces pleasingly orange colored views of the sun.  You will need to use all three foam pads supplied to make the filter fit snugly to the end of the OTA. 

Orion part # 7710

The obvious next problem is how to find the sun!  I manufactured a solar filter for the ETX right angle finder that came on my ETX125.  I used off the shelf plumbing fittings and Baader  Planetarium solar filter material.  This is the mylar stuff.

I must point out at this time that you are responsible for the construction, use and care of the filter.  I can not be held responsible for acts of carelessness, stupidity and just plain ignorance on anyone's part.  Use this information at your own risk.  This filter works fine for me, it's up to you to make it work fine for you.


Parts list:

1" PVC pipe coupling (glue up type, NOT threaded)

A few inches of 1" PVC

2" square piece of mylar Solar FIlter

Cut a 1/4" slice of pipe to use as a retaining ring.  You can use a sheet of 40 or 60 grit sandpaper laid on the bench to true up the faces of the ring.

Here's the parts ready to assemble

Lay the sheet of filter across the end of the coupler and put the retaining ring on top like this:

Press the ring down into the coupler, here I show it pressed just flush with the coupler.

You will need to carefully trim the exposed filter material with an X-acto knife

Then push the retainer and filter material a little further down the coupler, about 1/4" should do it.  Just like this:

Here's the completed filter:

And here it is installed:

Best thing is the finder is right angle so you don't need to shade yourself from the sun like a straight through finder would require.


Copyright 1997-2010 by Bill VanOrden