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Thanks to a late night web crawl, I found the diagram for a battery eliminator for a BP511 Canon battery for my 10D DSLR.  Many thanks to Henning Lorch for his design.   Henning's project page.

Here's the completed and tested module.  Input on the left, output on the right.

Parts list

Manufacturer Part # Description Digi-Key Part # Manufacturer
Zener Diode 4.7 Volt IN5337BGOS-ND
IRF9Z34N Transistor Power MOSFET IRF9Z34NPBF-ND International Rectifier
PT78ST108H Voltage Convertor Module 8.0V 296-20281-ND Texas Instruments
0.1μF Ceramic Disc Capacitor  50V
10KΩ Resistor 1/4 Watt
220 μF Electrolytic Capacitor 25V

I have available an etched circuit board for this device.

Here are links to PDF files for the circuit card.

PCB mask

PCB mask double size

PCB mask with parts indicated

I can provide etched ready to drill boards for $15USD shipped in the USA

Getting the battery housing open was not as hard as I expected, careful work with an Exacto knife made short work of the process.  The board then was trimmed to fit into the housing.  The two corners at the right end of the board in this view had to be clipped at a 45 angle.  The end at the left end of the board had to be trimmed for a snug fit in the housing.  The two terminals sticking up from the right upper corner are not needed as they are used for the charge monitoring circuit in the OEM battery.

 Thanks go to Neal Olson in Oregon for providing me two housings for the project!

The board is now test fitted prior to soldering on the battery supply cable.  The supply cable was attached to the underside of the circuit board at the point where you see the test wires connected in this view.  The original batteries and control circuitry are shown for reference along with a complete battery.  Hot melt glue was used to secure the board in the housing and to secure the electrolytic capacitor on top of the tab of the transistor.  The housing was re-sealed by holding the two halves together tightly and wicking in some MEK with a small modeler's paint brush.

The completed battery eliminator.

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